19 April Heart to Heart Ministry

Bible Reading Romans 1:8-15

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The COVID-19 outbreak is unprecedented, one that we have never seen and most probably will never see again in our generation. Doctors and nurses are leading the fight in a war with an enemy we don’t yet fully understand.

A group of university academics and medical doctors from the university of Birmingham, Warwick, Birmingham City Hospital, Birmingham Midland Eye Hospital and The Princess Royal Hospital have set up this initiative to source PPE for NHS front line staff who are in desperate need of help.
Currently, front line healthcare workers are caring for COVID-19 patients with insufficient protection, and they are already running out of basic things such as masks, gowns and visors. The current situation has become so dire that some of doctors have resorted to using bin bags for protection, it feels like they are being sent to war without proper armour and protection.  Better PPE is the only way to minimise front line healthcare workers from contracting COVID-19, so that not only will they be able to continue to care for those in need, but also not become a vector to infect the most vulnerable patients that they care for. Please go to the website below to give your offering: