English Congregation – Pastor David

Looking back over the last twelve months we have had a very difficult year, but throughout it all I have felt the presence of God giving us strength for all the difficult tasks that beset us. We lost two church leaders with the passing away of our much respected elder Lord Michael Chan and the decision of Pastor Daniel to move on. I want to say a big thank you to all of you for your support over this difficult period and particularly thank all those in leadership positions without whose help I would not have been able to cope. An additional burden to leadership last year was that the Wirral congregation were very unhappy that LCGC allowed Daniel to move on and have since been pressing forward to become an independent church. While that is the ultimate aim of planting a church, we did not expect them to want to move in such a direction at the pace they indicated. We had some very emotional meetings with the leadership there and can now say that they are moving forward to become independent of LCGC in the n ear rather than the far future. Naturally we will maintain brotherly relationships with them as an independent identity and wish them every blessing as they seek to serve God amongst the Cantonese speakers who live on the Wirral.

To cope with the lack of speakers and leaders last year, I instated the monthly combined Mandarin English communion service every first Sunday of the month. This was to in order to maximise our resources and to cater for all our members. I began to preach in the Cantonese congregation with interpretation to ease the load on the Cantonese leaders. This intend to maintain this arrangement with the Cantonese congregation in the future, but perhaps not as regularly, so that I may have some interaction and involvement in the Cantonese congregation. I hope this will help build relationships with the members in that congregation.